Meet The Drum Tutors
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With nine tutors from four Countries our tuition team have lessons covering various styles, techniques, drum fill ideas and much more.

Dan Jacobs - Drum Tutor

Dan Jacobs

Dan Jacobs has been playing the drums for 13 years. He has performed hundreds of shows and practices his craft whenever he can...

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Duncan Rose - Drum Tutor

Duncan Rose

Duncan Rose has been playing the drums for around 29 years and played in several bands. He set up Rose Drum School in...

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Daniel Sidelmann - Drum Tutor

Daniel Sidelmann

Daniel had a father who played the drums in church, so it came very natural to him to play as well. He started to get his...

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Rock Drumming or 'rock & roll' Drumming has been around since the early 1960s where lots of bands were using...

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Being able to play a great drum groove takes a lot of skill, you need to have technique in different areas of what...

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Funk drumming is very enjoyable for most drummers - our grooves generally have lots of 'off the beat' notes...

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Playing the blues has a different counting system to i.e. straight ahead pop or funk drumming - were playing...

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Playing Latin patterns on the drums can be very rewarding - requiring a lot of coordination to play the...

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Jazz drumming can be very technically demanding so it's important to work through as many exercises as you...

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Exercises are what we, as musicians, practice repetitively to obtain the muscle memory to play various patterns...

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Having great technique is what allows us to play drums freely and with the least amount of effort. There are many...

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Phrasing can be used within drum grooves, fills or solo's - generally when we practice phrasing we are...

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Time Signatures

The majority of everything we play with any instrument will fall into 4/4 time - meaning we are counting..

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