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Dan Jacobs - Drum Tutor

Dan Jacobs

Dan Jacobs has been playing the drums for 13 years. He has performed hundreds of shows and practices his craft whenever he can...

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Duncan Rose - Drum Tutor

Duncan Rose

Duncan Rose has been playing the drums for around 29 years and played in several bands. He set up Rose Drum School in...

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Daniel Sidelmann - Drum Tutor

Daniel Sidelmann

Daniel had a father who played the drums in church, so it came very natural to him to play as well. He started to get his...

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Browse Lessons By Drumming Styles


Rock Drumming or 'rock & roll' Drumming has been around since the early 1960s where lots of bands were using...

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Being able to play a great drum groove takes a lot of skill, you need to have technique in different areas of what...

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Funk drumming is very enjoyable for most drummers - our grooves generally have lots of 'off the beat' notes...

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Playing the blues has a different counting system to i.e. straight ahead pop or funk drumming - were playing...

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Playing Latin patterns on the drums can be very rewarding - requiring a lot of coordination to play the...

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Jazz drumming can be very technically demanding so it's important to work through as many exercises as you...

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Exercises are what we, as musicians, practice repetitively to obtain the muscle memory to play various patterns...

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Having great technique is what allows us to play drums freely and with the least amount of effort. There are many...

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Phrasing can be used within drum grooves, fills or solo's - generally when we practice phrasing we are...

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Time Signatures

The majority of everything we play with any instrument will fall into 4/4 time - meaning we are counting..

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Drum Lessons & Video Tutorials

Our aim is simple – to provide quality online drumming lessons to everyone, regardless of ability, to learn in the comfort of their own homes.

You can work through a progressional course of lessons or jump to a specific style. The majority of lessons have two tempos and all lessons come with PDF notation which will help gain or improve sight reading skills.

Offering a very cost effective way of learning styles and techniques used by world class professionals,, at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

Hi I just want to say your website is perfect for me. The lessons are all very clear and I can't wait to work through all the lessons. Thank...

As a professional drummer myself, I have always found Dan's approach to teaching both comprehensive and informative. Dan covers so much vita...

I've been drumming for years, playing internationally on some amazing stages. I'm happy to say one of the key reasons for me doing so well i...

Its great that you have so many drum lessons - I've signed up for your newsletter. Your website is great.


Dan is a helpful and friendly guy, able to relate on a personal level. With excellent technical skills and knowledge of theory I thoroughly ...

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